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The Solution To Your Cleaning Problems

We want to be your cleaning company. And, because we'll want to keep your business, we'll provide first-class service. It's that simple!

A Building You Can Be Proud Of

Shining floors, sparkling restrooms, clean carpets, and well-maintained offices. You shouldn't have to regularly complain to your cleaning company in order to receive the service you expect and pay for! We conduct quality inspections on a regular basis, provide the required supervision that's essential, and on-going training to our personnel that's imperative in today's world.

Results Without the Headaches

We believe in communication. We ask you, our customer, to rate the quality of the service you receive. It's your opinion that counts. And when you need new or additional serviced provided, we'll be ready.

All Building Service Contactors Are Not The Same

Unfortunately, many people perceive janitorial work as "easy" and that the only distinguishing factor among contractors is price. Usually, it's not until you've had a bad experience with the service you've received that you discover what professionalism in the janitorial field really means.

The proposal package you receive should address the following five essentials

  1. Level of cleaning and appearance that must be maintained in your building
  2. Specifications on the cleaning tasks needed in every area of your building and the frequency of each task: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
    Provide the following:
    • Amount of cleanable square footage for carpeted and non-carpeted areas.
    • The number of persons occupying the building on a daily basis.
  3. Expectations regarding the contractor's supervision requirements. Ask for the number of supervisors and managers on duty and in the building during office hours.
  4. Does the contractor have a direct response program for emergencies? Request details.
  5. The Service Agreement, included with the proposal, should identify the following:
    • the time period the contract is in effect
    • the bid/contract price
    • renewal period
    • cancellation clause
    • invoicing and payment procedures

The Choice is Clear

We can deliver on our promises.
We solve problems - not create them.


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